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Our famous Peanut Butter Stick Candy, broken stick candy and JUMBO Mint sticks.

Our best selling candy of all time. PEANUT BUTTER STICK CANDY available in 14oz broken stick bags. If you have never tried it or even if you don't like peanut butter you'll love this candy. "It's one of those treats that you just can't stop eating!" This candy has real peanut butter that has been sewn throughout the stick by master candy makers and then covered in it's signature brown stripe and golden outer layer.

Our sugar stick candies are also available in the Helms Brand 14oz bag filled with an assortment of broken stick candy. BOTH Peanut Butter Stick and Broken Stick are packed 24 bags to a case.

JUMBO peppermint sticks are available in 2lb and 5lb sticks. 2lb sticks are packed 16 to a case and 5lb sticks are packed 9 sticks per case. These are great gift ideas at Christmas time and they come in attractive display boxes. Available only from Sept. 1 thru Dec. 31 each year.

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