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A Big THANK YOU for Our Little Customers!

Our Thank You pops are Sugar Free with colors and flavors made from fruits and vegetables. They are a health conscience treat that any parent will appreciate. They are the perfect addition to after dinner mints in the hospitality, restaurant, banking, and healthcare industries. They offer a big payback for just pennies per lollipop. They help increase your wait staff tips as well as improving overall satisfaction and creates a lasting impression. Kids ages 4 through 12 have a big influence on which restaurants the family goes to. Our pops are designed with these ages in mind and we offer flavors that appeal to these ages such as Outrageous Orange, Strawberry Surge, Lucky Lemon, and Groovy Grape.

Serving Suggestions: Place them on the tip tray / Place them on the customers' tray / Place them at the cash register / Drop them into takeout bags / Present them during table visits / Serve pops to the kids along with after dinner mints for the adults.

Ordering Information: Pops are packed in 20lb bulk cases (approx. 1,100 pops) and are also available in regular sugar based pops. There is no minimum order and shipping costs are included. You may order as little as 1 case at a time. We are happy to ship to multiple locations under one order. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. To place your order simply give us a call at 276-669-2612 Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 4 pm EST or email us at customercare@helmscandy.com

2012 Prices including shipping to anywhere within continental US:

20 lb Bulk Case Sugar Free Thank You Pops (approx. 1,100)..........$79.95 ea

20 lb Bulk Case Sugar Based Thank You Pops (approx. 1,100)........$55.00 ea

30 lb Bulk Case Sugar Based Thank You Pops (approx. 1,650)........$74.50 ea

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